man wearing black jacket
man wearing black jacket

Coaching for Navigating Life Changes Alone

Compassion and empowerment when you need a coach in your corner.

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man in black suit jacket using macbook

Providing coaching and support for career changes, relocation, retirement, and living alone.

Life Transitions

Empowering you to make new connections to people and your life purpose.

Building New Connections

Lisa Cook is excellent in connecting with people. My wife had died a year ago and i was now living by myself and was searching for a way to overcome the loneliness. She knows how to make people relax when they are dealing with new or uncomfortable situations.


It was my pleasure to work alongside Lisa at Secure Senior Connections, a Covid pandemic-era startup that developed tools to combat loneliness in seniors. Lisa demonstrated empathy, tenacity, and adaptability in implementing and managing programs and developed strong, supportive relationships with senior members.

After being displaced from my job, I received on-on-one coaching from Lisa Cook on expanding my network through life's transitions. Going through a job transition is never easy, but knowing you are not alone and that there are people going through it right along with you has helped put me at ease.

Lisa Cook, M.Ed., J.D., is an adult educator, community builder, and career and life coach dedicated to supporting individuals facing life challenges alone.